Created Dec 05, 2008


Everyone thinks of changing the world, but few think of changing themselves. more


I'm happily married and the mother of identical twin daughters, and a snowshoe kitty. I have a B.A. in Accounting and Economics, and a Masters in Education, with a specialty in Biology and Earth Science. I am dyslexic, and living proof that you do not have to be limited by your disabilities. I love kids, animals, and people in that order (giggle). I have a live and let live attitude. I am politically a moderate independent and I judge each issue on its merits, so please don't try to peg me down to an ideology. I enjoy music, art, the movies, TV and the company of good friends. My father's family came here from Germany/Austria in the 1860's, and me mum is English. I am a Navy Brat and when dad shipped off, I went to live in England till he came back home, so you could say that that I feel very comfortable in both countries. I am also Native American, so I am the true American Mutt and proud of it. I am life long student of history, especially American history. I subscribe to Franklin's statement that "The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either." and John Adams' creed that, "There are only two creatures of value on the face of the earth: those with the commitment, and those who require the commitment of others".